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15th Jul 2016

11 of the most hilarious pranks kids have played on their own dads

For once, the joke's on them.


1. This little girl, who proves that the noble sport of dad pranking can start at a very young age:

Dad tries to cut daughter’s nails. She pranks him by pretending to cry each time.

2. The geniuses who tricked their dad into letting them go to school in fancy dress:

3. The confetti-filled balloons prank:

4. And the car prank that doesn’t need anything more than an app:

5. The fake laptop switcheroo:

6. This impossible situation, created by a loving child:


7. And this even more impossible one:

8. The thoughtful gift of some delicious baked brownies:

9. This old classic:

10. The autocorrect prank with excellent consequences:


11. And the prank which the dad almost, almost won:

Dad prank is perfect.

Now… we all love our dads, right?

What if we told you that, just by sending us a video of you pranking or winding up your dad, you could win him a VIP experience at the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot on August 13th-14th.

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Not only that, but we’ll send you along with him to enjoy the show.

There’s more too! We want to give you the opportunity to surprise your dad when he gets to Ascot by sending him up in a plane with one of Red Bull Air Race’s top pilots, filming his reaction from inside the cockpit.


It’s going to be an incredible weekend of high flying action, and your dad – your unsuspecting dad – could be loop-the-looping in the skies over the iconic Ascot racecourse, either having the time of his life or cursing your name.

All you have to do to enter is send us a video of you pranking or winding up your dad, we’ll select our favourite entries and showcase them on JOE.

The best entry will win the VIP Red Bull Air Race package, and an exhilarating flight above Ascot for their dad.

Email us at with a link to your video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine or Twitter, as well as:

-Your name

-Your dad’s name

-Your address

-And a few words on why your dad deserves to let off a bit of steam

Good luck!