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25th Aug 2017

The JOE Mega Friday Pub Quiz: Week 52

The Pub Quiz is one year old! Happy Birthday, Pub Quiz.

Rich Cooper

Happy Birthday, Pub Quiz!

Corr, it’s been a whole year since my friend and former colleague Alex Finnis started this thing off. When he left JOE, the reigns of the quiz were handed to me. We’ve had our ups, we’ve had our downs (let’s just forget about Week 48) but we made it to a whole year.

So how do we celebrate? With a special Mega Friday Pub Quiz, of course. This week there are a whopping 52 questions, one for each week the Pub Quiz has existed, spread over 10 rounds, which are: This Time Last Year, Sport, Fast Food, Classic Movie Scenes, Solo Artists, By The Numbers, Quentin Tarantino Movies, Real Names, World Flags, and finally Famous Joes, because of course.

We appreciate time is precious and you might not want to wade through 52 questions, so you can take the normal 25 question quiz here.

Happy Birthday, Friday Pub Quiz! Thanks for the memories. Now, away with the pleasantries. It’s quiz time.