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06th Oct 2017

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 58

Let's get down to quizness

Rich Cooper

Are you a winner?

You’d better start thinking like a winner, because there’s no room for losers in the JOE Friday Pub Quiz. Well, there technically is room for losers, because without losers how do you have winners? In fact, we take it back. Losers, we need you just as much as winners. You might say you’re even more valuable than the winners. Yes, you just tell yourself that.

Round one this week is all about populations – guess the country with either the highest or lowest population, according to the UN. Round two is always sport, so you know that already, but in round three we’re asking you to complete the titles of famous books. The picture round this week is asking you to name the British sitcom character, and finally round five is all about classic Disney movies.

Ready? Steady? Quiz.