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12th Jul 2017

The JOE Alphabet Quiz: Week 1

From the people who brought you the JOE Friday Pub Quiz

Rich Cooper

Hello, and welcome to a brand new JOE quiz series!

This is the JOE Alphabet Quiz. The idea is very simple, so simple it’s probably insulting to explain it to you, but we’ll do it anyway. We’ve got 26 questions, the answers to which begin with one of each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. For example…

Which A is the capital of the Netherlands? That would be Amsterdam.

Which B is the superhero alter-ego of Bruce Wayne? Why, it’s Batman, of course.

You get the idea. So why don’t we give it a whirl?

If you don’t hate it, we’ll do another one next week. If you do hate it, well, we’ll probably do another one next week anyway.

Ready? Let’s go!