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28th Jul 2015

The ingenious Nike trainer designed for people with disabilities


When Matthew Walzer, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, wrote a letter to Nike’s CEO, he had no idea he’d be the inspiration behind a revolutionary new trainer.

The teenager from Florida was a huge ‘sneakerhead’, but found it extremely difficult to put on and take off his own trainers, particularly high-tops. It always required the help of others.

But one letter to Nike’s CEO Mark Parker set the wheels in motion for a trainer specifically designed for individuals who have difficulty in using their hands.

Nike designer Tobie Hatfield was working on something similar after one of the company’s first employees Jeff Johnson suffered a stroke. Parker introduced Tobie to Matthew.

Their collaboration has resulted in the Nike FLYEASE, a new trainer which will make a world of difference to people around the world. Watch the video to learn more about this inspirational story.