McDonald's is changing its Big Mac recipe for the first time ever 5 years ago

McDonald's is changing its Big Mac recipe for the first time ever

Leicester City, Brexit, Donald Trump... Just when you thought you'd seen it all in 2016, along comes McDonald's to add another truly historic event to the list.

The Big Mac, the company's flagship burger which has remained untampered with since the early days of mankind (well, the last 50 years), is being changed for the first time in its history.


Over in the States, the Big Mac recipe is being altered for the first time ever, with Ronald McDonald and his mates deciding now was as good a time as any to introduce the Sriracha Big Mac to the world (well, 126 restaurants in Ohio, but still...).

Sriracha, a concoction of Thai Pepper and garlic, has been proving quite popular on the other side of the Atlantic, with our American friends smothering it on just about every item of food going. As a result, McDonald's customers now have an option to sink their teeth into a Sriracha Big Mac instead of the original version of its popular burger.

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“Signature Sriracha provides our customers with an exclusive blend of two wildly popular flavors, Sriracha and Big Mac Special Sauce, creating a spicy flavor in a way only McDonald’s can do,” said a McDonald's newsletter announced back in June.

And before anyone starts moaning that they'll have to book a trans-Atlantic flight in order to try this new Big Mac out, we should also point out that this could be heading our way, too. Reports claim that if the new burger proves a big hit in Ohio, it will be rolled out across America.

If that proves successful, you can guarantee the Sriracha Big Mac will be landing on these shores at some point in 2017.

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