These are the ten most stressful careers to embark on in 2017 5 years ago

These are the ten most stressful careers to embark on in 2017

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The grass may not be greener on the other side.


Each year, CareerCast names the most stressful jobs based on 11 different stress factors.

Those factors range from the amount an employee is required to travel to how tight deadlines are to risk of injury. The more factors a job has, the more stressful it is deemed to be.

“Job stress can come from a variety of different origins: a hazardous work environment, difficult-to-meet deadlines, heavy physical demands, and imminent danger,” they explain.


The 11 factors are identified as Travel, Career Growth Potential, Physical Demands, Environmental Conditions, Hazards Encountered, Meeting the Public, Competition, Risk of Death or Grievous Injury, Immediate Risk of Another’s Life, Deadlines and Working in the Public Eye.

CareerCast say that roles in the public eye are particularly stressful this year given the shift in media.

“Information gathering entities work entirely in the public eye, and must hit hard deadlines routinely. Travel, demanding editors, and the fear of being laid off also contributes to their stressful rankings.”

“Newsgathering professions face new challenges, as well. Outlets are facing heightened skepticism, which may mean extra time for reporters to check facts while on deadline. In addition, some outlets actually pay writers based on the number of clicks their articles receive. Deadlines, the imminent potential of bodily harm and public scrutiny are just a few of the factors considered when compiling our most stressful jobs report,” said the company in a press release.


All things considered, CareerCast found the top ten most stressful jobs to be:

  1. Enlisted military personnel
  2. Firefighter
  3. Airline pilot
  4. Police officer
  5. Event coordinator
  6. Newspaper reporter
  7. Corporate executive
  8. Public relations executive
  9. Taxi driver
  10. Broadcaster

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