Teacher quits after parents claimed he would 'teach children to be gay' 9 months ago

Teacher quits after parents claimed he would 'teach children to be gay'

The teacher was questioned after hanging a Pride flag in the classroom

A teacher in Neosho, Missouri, has quit his job after parents complained that he might "teach children to be gay".


John Wallis, who is an open member of and advocate for LGTBQIA+ rights, began the academic year by displaying a Pride flag on his bookshelf along with a message of positivity, reading: "In this classroom, EVERYONE is welcome".

However, it would seem this effort to promote inclusivity and make everyone feel comfortable didn't go down well with parents, as Wallis detailed on Twitter.

In a lengthy thread, Wallis explains how not only was his Pride flag compared to that of a Confederate flag, but he was also accused of "pushing [his] agenda" after students asked why the signage was removed and he informed them that they could move to other classes if they "had a problem with who [he] was".


Wallis added: "I was then asked to sign a letter that stated I would not discuss human sexuality or my own personal sexuality in the classroom and could have no displays or coursework on those subjects. This action was the reason for my resignation."

He goes on to say "it appears that there is a different set of rules if you are an LGBTQ+ educator" and criticises the school for having "no mention of gender identity or sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policy".

Wallis said the school took no issue with other teachers displaying a picture of their spouse, yet "I have a flag and all hell breaks loose".

He rounded out the emotional thread with the following:


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