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21st Feb 2017

Tall people everywhere will appreciate this spot-on business card

They're like us, but longer.

Darragh Murphy

There’s tall and then there’s tall.

And when you’re tall, you inevitably face the exact same series of questions about your extraordinary ability to be slightly closer to the sun than your curious conversation-mate.

We all know how the conversation goes.

It always starts out with a shocked: “Jesus, you’re tall,” before we ask for the specific figures.

The response is invariably a genuine, disinterested revelation of the person’s height. But we’re not going to believe that. Are we? We’d have to ask again to make sure we’re not being messed with.

That’s bloody tall! Better let them know and ask if they’ve ever played basketball because, you know, basketballers are always tall which means that tall people are always basketballers. That’s just common sense.

Isn’t it odd that the tall person’s view of everyone is slightly different to our own? Perhaps the tall person had never thought of that before…

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a joke was made about the weather being different up there because, you know, tall.

Well one person whose body is slightly longer and who has grown so frustrated by the identical conversation with short humans who think they’re original is this creative Philadelphia Eagles fan who has fashioned a business card for such discussions.

It preempts all our hack enquiries without a word having to be uttered and is a must-have for the tall person in your life.

Image via user NewtonJesse