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30th Jun 2017

Take note, people of Britain: Wetherspoons does actually have a dress code

God bless you Wetherspoons

Simon Lloyd

God bless you, Wetherspoons.

From your reasonably priced beer, long opening hours and at-times-impossibly-sticky floors, your presence in British town and city centres undoubtedly makes this country a far, far better place. Sincerely – thank you for that…

In fact, it was only months ago that we took an in-depth look at 21 things that made the much-loved pub chain truly unique. From discarded positive pregnancy kits to Superman taking a shit in one of its toilets, the list we assembled really was quite magnificent. It even featured a man dressed in a jacket made entirely of beer mats and someone wearing a seven-foot penis outfit, too.

But don’t be fooled, ladies and gentlemen. Just because it’s perfectly fine to walk around Spoons dressed as a giant dick, this does not mean that the company have failed to provide a strict dress code for all its customers to adhere to. Not at all.

Thankfully, a tweet from Mark Wilding has flagged up how people are expected to dress when visiting a Wetherspoons.

Trainers aren’t a problem. Neither are jeans. As we’ve already mentioned, phallic costumes are absolutely fine, too. In fact, customers can wear whatever the fuck they like, so long as they wear something.

As we said in the opening line, God bless you Wetherspoons.