'Sugar dating' boss, 51, waives right to divorce fiancée, 21, ​as he's so in love 5 months ago

'Sugar dating' boss, 51, waives right to divorce fiancée, 21, ​as he's so in love

After three failed marriages, he's hoping fourth time's the charm

The boss of one of the world's most famous 'sugar dating' sites has waived his right to divorce his new fiancée because he's so confident in their relationship.

Brandon Wade, 51, is so in love with his partner Dana, who is 30 years his junior, that he's changed the name of his company from Seeking Arrangement to just Seeking, shifting the focus away from 'sugar dating' and more to people looking for genuine connections.

Sugar dating is the term used for when an older, richer person dates a younger person in need of some money, in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Wade clearly thinks it's fourth time lucky with 21-year-old Dana, as he has already been through three failed marriages. The couple is set to get married this spring.

It seems he used to approach relationships with the same thinking that his website preached.

Seeking Arrangement used to be where rich patrons could seek "mutually beneficial relationships" with attractive younger people, usually women.

However, now Wade is hoping to change this and promote his business as a platform for like-minded people looking for dates and relationships to meet.


Speaking about the shift in tone, and how this was impacted by him meeting Dana, the CEO said: "When I started Seeking in 2006, my dating life flourished. I was arrogant and openly embraced non-monogamy. But everything changed when I met my soulmate Dana.

"The evolution of Seeking now reflects my personal journey. Once the world's largest sugar dating site, Seeking is now the place to find great connections, honesty, and relationships on your own terms."

This is quite the shift from Wade, having previously said that love is a "concept invented by poor people."

In an interview with CNN back in 2014, the MIT graduate said: “There are two reasons people get married: for love and for money.

"Love is a concept invented by poor people. Love at first sight that sends shivers down your spine is a fairy tale, and it doesn't last forever. Such infatuation must be transformed into a selfless form of love, empty of possessive expectations, for any relationship to endure."


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