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12th Nov 2015

Eating this ordinary food could make you more attractive to women…

One of the more interesting studies

Paul Moore

Scientists and researchers must have a great life because it often seems they just sit around and brainstorm some of the craziest ideas to research.

This latest study, undertaken by the University of Stirling in Scotland and Charles University in the Czech Republic, has discovered that men who eat garlic are more attractive to women. Huh!?

The women who were surveyed in the test apparently found the sweat of men who had eaten garlic bulbs smelt more attractive as opposed to those who didn’t.

The methodology for this study sounds absolutely bonkers but stay with us…


42 men were categorised into three groups; 1) those asked to eat raw garlic, 2) lads that had to eat garlic capsules, 3) guys who didn’t eat garlic. These men then all had to wear sweat pads in their armpits for 12 hours afterwards, to collect body odour.

82 women were then asked to sniff the odour samples and rank these men, who remained anonymous, in the categories of pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity and intensity.

The smell of the men who ate garlic cloves/capsules were perceived to be ‘significantly more attractive and less intense’ when they had eaten the bulb or capsule than those who hadn’t.

We’re still not convinced enough to try it…