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28th Aug 2016

Study reveals a HUGE amount of British men and women are experiencing the same problem with sex  

We're all having bad sex, apparently...

Cassie Delaney

It’s fairly grim being a millennial. The generation that went before us pretty much destroyed the economy and with it, our hopes and dreams.

And, if the thought of debt, an eternity of renting and kale ice cream wasn’t enough to make millennialism suck, a new study has concluded that we all have terrible sex lives too.

Conducted in the UK, the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles  shows that large numbers of young people experience sexual problems such as pain or anxiety during sex, the inability to climax and finding intercourse difficult.

Shockingly, over a third of sexually active men aged 16-21 and a massive 44.4 percent of sexually active young women of the same age experienced unhappiness and sexual problems.

Amazingly, 21.3 percent of women said they had difficulty reaching climax. Others claimed the lacked enjoyment in sex, felt anxious during sex or had no excitement or arousal during sex.

The most common issue for young men was reaching an orgasm too quickly but others states their problems included feeling anxious and difficulty maintaining an erection.

The distress seems to affect women the most. One in five claimed to have no interest in sex compared to one in ten males. Significantly more women lacked enjoyment in sex and 8 percent of women said they felt no excitement compared to only 3.8 percent of men.

Lead author Dr Kristin Mitchell spoke to the Guardian and said the study indicated that “distressing sexual problems” are not limited to an older generation.  

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