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23rd Apr 2016

Turns out British men have some disgusting underwear habits

Dude... gross.

Carl Anka

There’s a person on the JOE team who has only two kinds of underwear: one came from a promo deal with his local bar; the other he gets every time he has an STI test.

The average man’s underwear habits can be… questionable to say the least. From ‘lucky’ goal-scoring boxers to white tighty-whities that are no longer white, the male approach to looking after and replacing their underwear leaves something to be desired.

Which is why we weren’t totally surprised to read the results of a Jacamo survey asking 2,000 men about their underwear habits.

It turns out the average man’s underpants are four years old, with more than half of the lads questioned happy to walk around with pants with holes in them.

Also news: around one in 10 men wear their pants up to SEVEN times before putting them in the wash.

C’mon boys, there’s doing an inside-out job, and then there’s just building a pressure cooker around your crotch.


On average, a British man will own 13 pairs of underwear, and will buy a new pair every six months, spending around £20.75 a year. Black cotton boxer shorts were deemed the most popular style choice.

One interesting find in the survey was the reasons men change their underwear. Some 30 per cent of men said they’ll change their pants if they think sex might be on the cards, while 41 per cent crack out a special pair for nights out. Around 10 per cent get the lucky boxers out for business reasons.

The survey certainly makes for eye-opening reading. In among all the facts was news that Scots are most likely to wear a thong while men in East Anglia are most likely to wear Y-fronts.


It was Geordies who were most likely to wear novelty pants, while 10 per cent of those in Northern Ireland can sometimes wear pants up to four times before washing them.

But your main take away here should be: wash and change your underwear more often. As Jenni Bamford from Jacamo says: “Our study has uncovered a distinct sniff of laziness when it comes to men in the UK and their underwear habits.”

So please boys, be smarter with your underwear selections.

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