Ukraine to name shabby street after Boris Johnson - it has more holes than his Partygate story 2 months ago

Ukraine to name shabby street after Boris Johnson - it has more holes than his Partygate story

The decision is part of Ukraine's 'derussification'

A poorly surfaced road riddled with potholes in Ukraine has been named after Boris Johnson by a local council.


The street named Boris Johnson is located in Fontanka, on the outskirts of Odesa, where the Ukrainian military have been resisting Russian fighters in recent weeks, according to reports from The Sun.

It's fair to say the modest little lane isn't exactly Downing Street:

Street named after Boris in Odessa Credit: Google Maps

The decision to dub the street in honour of the PM came after he was praised following his recent visit to the war-torn nation and as a recognition of the UK government's efforts to hit Russia not only with sanctions but by supplying munitions to Ukraine.

A local council official said in a statement: “We have new heroes", announcing the decision to “Rename Mayakovsky Street to Boris Johnson Street” and adding that "the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is one of the most principled opponents of the Russian invasion, a leader in sanctions on Russia and defence support for Ukraine."

The road was previously named after a Russian poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky and - as Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko highlighted - the decision is, in part, an example of the country's efforts to "derussify" and decide their own cultural heritage. Reverting back to the original spelling of the capital, Kyiv, being another prime example.


While Johnson is under heavy criticism amid the ongoing Partygate investigations, with more than half of the UK public now believing he should resign after breaking lockdown rules, it would seem the UK's efforts are much appreciated by President Zelenskyy.

Unsurprisingly, much of the response to this news was - as you might expect - met by many people suggesting that the PM probably isn't the most suitable figure to be recognised on behalf of the UK's efforts:


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