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07th Apr 2017

Man leaves group holiday; his friends find stranger with the same name and bring him along instead

Conor Heneghan

It was all free, so why not?

Best laid plans, they say, often go to waste and no matter how much preparation goes into a group holiday, especially for a group as large as 10, there’s always a possibility that someone will pull out at the last minute.

So it went for a group of friends in the UK who planned a recent trip to Mallorca for a 30th birthday celebration and were met with the news that one of the party, one Joe McGrath, had to pull out shortly before the trip.

Having already booked everything in Joe’s name, the group felt that, rather than let it go to waste, they’d take to Facebook to find someone with the same name to see if they could find a last-ditch replacement for the trip.

In Joe McGrath, a 26-year old from Manchester, they found just the right man.

The next week, having got time off from his very sound boss, he was off.

Looks like he had ball too.

Could you see yourself doing something like this?

Pics via Twitter/Joe McGrath and Facebook/Joe McGrath