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02nd Mar 2021

Straight men can have sex without it being gay, says sex therapist

A sex therapist has explained in a TikTok video the complex dynamics that could bring two straight men to have sex, namely narcissism


It’s all about narcissism

A sex therapist on TikTok has explained why a straight-identifying man might have sexual intercourse with another man for reasons other than plain old sexual attraction.

Dr Joe Kort has doctorate in clinical sexology, has written multiple books on sexuality and works as a psychotherapist and relationships coach. His TikTok account is full of sex and dating tips and advice, and he knows what he’s talking about.

“In general men have more transactional sex with one another, in general women don’t,” he said in a video.

“Men have objectified sex where it’s just about the act, it’s just about getting off.”

@drjoekortStraight men sleep with other men because of narcissism. #narcissism #narcissist #sextherapist #sextherapyadvice

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Kort went on to explain the narcissistic element of why a straight man might want to have sex with another man.

“The straight man who is having sex with another man is into it because the guy is into him, it’s all about him,” he said, adding that it’s all about the adoration that women don’t often show towards men in the same way gay men do.

“Straight men are not attracted to men, they’re attracted to the sex with men.”

“Could some of these men be gay or bisexual? Absolutely, but that comes over time and that’s a trajectory that only they can be in touch with to figure that out.”

I suppose the key takeaway here is not to judge anyone’s sexual exploits as long as everything is consensual. People are into what they are into, and can be anywhere along the sexual spectrum.