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14th Jul 2017

Stop what you’re doing and watch a bunch of Pikachus dance around a Pokémon vending machine

Oh, and there's yodelling, in case it wasn't strange enough

Rich Cooper

This is probably the best thing you’re gonna see all day.

How do we know? Because you’re probably not gonna see anything like a gang of Pikachus dancing around a vending machine to a yodelling soundtrack again. Ever. Unless they decide to do it again, and we would welcome that decision.

But we forget ourselves. We’re here to see some Pikachus dancing around a vending machine to a yodelling soundtrack, are we not?

Then hold on to your Pokéballs and feast your eyes on this, me hearties.

This is one of those rare things that could be filed under the category of ‘Best Things Ever’.

As if dancing Pikachus weren’t wonderful enough, they’ve ganged together to promote a new Pikachu-themed vending machine. A Pikachu-themed vending machine!

Inside the vending machine are a variety of Poké-themed treats, including Poké Vege, a selection of vegetable drinks based on various classic Pokémon.

Obviously this is pitched at the Japanese market right now, but let’s be honest. If the Pokémon Company brought this out in the UK, we’d be all over them (if they chuck in a few Kit-Kats and the odd bottle of Irn-Bru, just to keep us sweet).