Stolen dogs reunited with owners after plea goes viral 8 months ago

Stolen dogs reunited with owners after plea goes viral

"Our boys are home!!"

Two dogs who were stolen outside a shop on Saturday have been reunited with their owners, whose plea for help went viral on Instagram.


The incident happened in Nantwich on 27 March, and after their owner Charlotte's post asking for help in retrieving the dogs gathered over 50,000 likes on Instagram, they have been found safe and sound.

Today, Robson posted: "We are absolutely lost for words at the power of social media and the incredible work of Cheshire police.... our boys are home!!!!

"This feeling is like no other and we will be doing everything in our power to make sure the dogs are safe going forward. Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared, messaged, been out there, offered help and anything and everything in between!!!

"We are driving our boys home as I type this and oh how we can't wait to see our girls' faces"


The shocking kidnap of the dogs was caught on CCTV when it happened, and the family had said that they "will ask no questions if they are found."

Over the past few days Charlotte had been keeping followers updated on the situation, and finally was reunited with the two black labradors today.

And the dogs names? The rather brilliant Denzel and Welly. Top tier canine names.

A great piece of good news, and an example of the good that social media can be used for.