Starbucks launch spooky Halloween 'Frappula' Frappuccino 6 years ago

Starbucks launch spooky Halloween 'Frappula' Frappuccino

We'll be honest, we love a seasonal snack or festive fast-food special...

Some may see them as gimmicky or opportunistic, but for us they're just an excuse to try out a new taste sensational. And the extra thrill of something being out for a limited period just heightens the excitement.


So when we heard that Starbucks were bringing out a special festive treat ahead of their traditional Christmas fare (we do love a caloriffic Eggnog Latte), our tastebuds starting tingling.

The new concoction is a Halloween special, and goes by the puntastic name of a Frappula Frappuccino...



You'll be relieved to read that the blood red ingredient isn't fresh human blood, but instead raspberry syrup, drizzled over white chocolate and mocha syrup layers. It's all topped with not-very-scary whipped cream - Mmm...

This scary sup has been spotted in the US and Canada, but perhaps we'll get a taste of spooky Starbucks here soon.