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16th Jun 2017

PICS: This guy’s mates ensured his stag weekend got off to a humiliating start

It's only going to get worse from here

Conor Heneghan

And this is probably only going to be the start of it.

A stag weekend can be a daunting experience for a groom-to-be.

Sure, the object of the weekend is to give him a good send-off with some of his best mates, but a little (and sometimes a lot) of humiliation is to be expected.

And accepted. It’s pretty much par for the course and you’ve little choice but to go along with it.

The friends of Anthony Slaughter from Dublin started the process of humiliation fairly early ahead of his stag do in Malaga this weekend, as early as 6am on Friday morning, in fact.

Having obviously looked after his travel arrangements for the weekend, Anthony’s mates presented him with a giant-sized boarding pass to present at the check-in gate, which he manfully tried to scan through himself.

Judging by the pictures, the Aer Lingus staff greeted the stunt in the spirit of the weekend and smiled for photos with Anthony before he boarded the flight.

If you can detect a hint of worry in Anthony’s demeanour, that’s because he probably knows that this is only the start of it.

Fingers crossed he makes it back in one piece.