Spanish town grants citizenship to reigning cats and dogs 6 years ago

Spanish town grants citizenship to reigning cats and dogs

What do we want? Woof! When do we want it? Miaow!

A dog's life isn't so bad in an animal-loving corner of Iberia.

Trigueros del Valle - a small town of a human population of just 330 - is the first town in Spain to recognise cats and dogs as citizens. A unanimous vote was gathered from the town council in relation to the issue.

According to the council's socialist Mayor, Pedro J Pérez Espinosa, "Dogs and cats have been living among us for over a thousand years and the mayor must represent not just the human residents but must also be here for the others."

It might not be as barking mad as it seems.

The animal bill of rights comprises 13 articles including statements such as "all residents are born equal and have the same right to existence" and "a resident, whether human or non-human, is entitled to respect".


Article 9a states: “No non-human resident should be exploited for the pleasure or recreation of man” and article 6b states: “The abandonment of a non-human resident is a cruel and degrading act.”

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Animal charities throughout Spain have hailed the declaration, saying they hoped it could be introduced across the country of Spain.