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20th Nov 2015

Someone has invented sliced ketchup and we’re not sure how to feel about it (Video)

No more banging on the end of bottles


We all know the pain of squirting too much ketchup on our burger…

And that’s if we are lucky enough to have access to squeezy bottle, with those glass bottles it’s just the luck of the draw.

Burger gif

Now, some genius has invented handy slices of ketchup, which melt on contact with your burger bun for the perfect amount of tomato-y goodness.

Named “Ketchup-leather”, it’s all the brainchild of Ernesto Uchimura, a Los Angeles chef who was sick of too much ketchup making his buns go soggy.

To make the slices of ketchup, Ernesto blends tomato paste with soy sauce, garlic and other spices before drying it out in the oven and cutting into squares.

We don’t know if we think this is genius or completely disgusting, but we do know that we’ll be having a bacon cheeseburger for dinner.

We do have one question though – what’s the point in making sliced ketchup if you’re just going to squirt some on top anyway?