Somebody has worked out the 20 most common (and least common) PIN codes 5 years ago

Somebody has worked out the 20 most common (and least common) PIN codes

This might make you change your iPhone password...

Some clever clogs has gathered over 3 million four-digit PIN codes and analysed the data in order to build a league table of the most common and least common PIN numbers.


The top 20 most common PIN numbers are frighteningly predictable in some cases, but there are some funny ones just outside the top 20 that might make you chuckle.

For example, Bond fans might be tickled that the #23 most common passcode is 0007.

But the number one spot, in a very poor indictment of the human imagination, goes to 1234...

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 14.30.52

As you can see, the top two most frequently occurring PIN codes account for almost 17% of all passcodes, meaning you've got a pretty solid chance of guessing any given passcode. That means if you ever wanted to check your significant other's text messages, you now know just what passcodes to try.

As for keeping your phone protected, these are the least common passcodes:


Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 14.40.08

The least common, 8068, occurred only 25 times in 3.4 million PIN examples - but the trick clearly is to pick numbers in no discernible numerical order or keypad pattern.