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13th Sep 2016

Some of the new words that have been added to the dictionary are bonkers

Some of them are quite skronky.

Paul Moore

The Oxford English Dictionary have added a thousand words to their new edition today. You’ll be very familiar with some of them.

With the speed of life online speeding up all aspects our lives, it is also speeding up how the language we speak evolves. Today, the Oxford English Dictionary, added a heap of new words to their new edition, and most are words you will be very familiar with.

Here are some of the ones that caught our attention. In the words of Miss Hoover from The Simpsons, they’re all perfectly cromulent.


Moobs – boobs on a man.


Yolo – You only live once.


Cheeseball – Used after a person says something silly, goofy or corny, or behaves in a similar way.


Oompa Loompa – Fake tan aficionado. Nah, we presume that it has to do with the iconic film that starred the recently passed Gene Wilder.


Fuhgeddaboudit – The go-to phrase for every gangster.

Skronky – An adjective which is used to describe grating or irritating music.


Scrumdiddlyumptious – Delicious (obviously made popular with the help of Ned Flanders though)


Yogalates – Combination of yoga and pilates.

Yoga Class, Group of People Relaxing and Doing Yoga. Childs Pose. Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle.

Any words you think should be added? Let us know.