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24th Dec 2016

Snapchat have released a hidden game that we’ll all be playing this Christmas

And there may be more games to come.

Conor Heneghan

This ought to help kill a few bored moments over the coming days.

As if you weren’t already going to spend inordinate amounts of time sending snaps of your social activity over Christmas, Snapchat have ensured that we’ll all barely be off the app over the festive period.

Included amongst all the special festive lenses for Christmas, you may have spotted a game called Santa’s Helper.

This is the dude you should be looking for…


It’s a fairly rudimentary yet strangely addictive game which sees the user’s face transported onto an elf’s body, which Snapchat users navigate (by tilting their heads left and right) down a snowy slope collecting gifts and avoiding pesky rabbits along the way.



Although it’s hardly the most revolutionary game you’ll ever see, there’s a competitive element in that users race against the clock and collect points so it’s likely to inspire plenty of competition between friends on Snapchat, who can send pictures of their efforts to fellow users.

It’s not the first time that games have featured on Snapchat – brands such as Under Armour and ESPN have previously featured games within the Discover feature on the app – but according to Tech Crunch, native games such as Santa’s Helper are going to become increasingly common in the future.

Procrastination levels are about to go off the scale.