Sainsbury's gives heartwarming defence of its diverse Christmas ad 1 year ago

Sainsbury's gives heartwarming defence of its diverse Christmas ad

'Tis the season to be fuming at an advert, apparently

Sainsbury's have begun releasing their Christmas adverts. Much like other brands, they're really going for the wholesome family angle, because that is what makes Christmas such a special time. No reason to be annoyed, you might think. Ah, but you are underestimating this country's capacity for hatred.


I should mention now that the first of three adverts released by Sainsbury's ahead of Christmas features a black family. The second, released today, features a white family. The third may feature a family of different ethnic origin. And that is fine, good, in fact, because Britain is a diverse country, and should be represented fairly as much as possible.

Here is the first advert. Very wholesome, I'm sure you'll agree.


The advert received a mixed reception. The level headed, open minded, normal people among us liked it. Or maybe they were completely unaffected by it and they just scrolled past and got on with their day.

But sadly, thousands of angry people have replied to the advert expressing their distaste for a black family being represented.

One Twitter user replied "NEVER shopping in Sainsbury’s again."


Another said: "Another one added to the banned list." (Banned from what? By whom?)

Another user, with 'Brexit here we come' in their name, said: "Nice to see you targeting a particular ethnicity, Looking forward to your Asian/oriental version along with your European version."

Yeah, they did actually make one with a white family as it goes. You can watch it here.

There was, at least, a big response to the vitriol bemoaning the openly discriminatory replies to the advert.


Jonathan Pie tweeted: "People getting angry at this advert for featuring a black family enjoying Christmas makes me realise that we really need to listen to white people who feel marginalised and oppressed by their lack of representation in adverts for gravy. Only joking! Jog on, racist pricks."

Unwilling to ignore the poison in their mentions, Sainsbury's also decided to reply to some people.

"At Sainsbury's, we want to be the most inclusive retailer. That's why, throughout all our advertising we aim to represent a modern Britain, which has a diverse range of communities. We have three stories of three different families in our advertising," the supermarket account replied to numerous hateful comments.


Truly, a nation of snowflakes.