Rid your barbecue of flies... with a gun 6 years ago

Rid your barbecue of flies... with a gun

On those rare British summer days when it's warm and dry enough to justify having a barbecue, the last thing you need is an invasion of flies around your food.

Thankfully, our American cousins have gone to extreme lengths to make sure that "insect hunting is now a sport."


As shown in the advert below, the Bug-A-Salt is a gun specifically designed to kill flies. As the name suggest, it's ammunition is regular table salt.

And that's not all. Presumably because those winged little b*stards have become familiar with the sight of the original bright yellow gun, there's a new edition. The Camo-Fly is almost certainly the world's first ever camouflaged fly-killing gun. How did humankind survive so long without it?


God Bless America.