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22nd Sep 2018

WATCH: Raccoon falls nine stories off a building, walks it off like it was nothing

Wil Jones

No f*cks given by the raccoon

Do you remember when The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the Hell In A Cell? This is exactly the same, only in raccoon form.

Micha Rea from South Carolina was on holiday in Ocean City, New Jersey, when he saw a crafty raccoon scaling the wall of an apartment building, like a furry version of Spider-Man. He quickly started filming this momentous occasion, and a crowd of onlookers began to form.

Then, the raccoon spun around and lost its grip, and started falling through the air. The onlookers screamed in horror, but somehow, despite falling nine stories, it scurried away seemingly unharmed.

It is truly incredible footage – made even better by the woman who screams “OH AAHHHHHHH…. Oh. He’s fine.”