QUIZ: JOE's Alphabet Quiz - Week 6: The Letter 'E' 8 months ago

QUIZ: JOE's Alphabet Quiz - Week 6: The Letter 'E'

15 and above and you get to tell a colleague they're fired.

It's Wednesday, glorious, glorious Wednesday. Do you know what that means? The weekend is in sight and JOE's infamous alphabet quiz is ready to kill another ten minutes to help get you there.

If you'd like to know why we were on week 6 yet somehow only on the fifth letter of the alphabet, 'E', then please refer to last week's quiz. All is explained.

So it's 'E', and I have questions for you on Harry Potter's favourite spell, King Edward VIII and most importantly of all, which animal egg is the largest. No I haven't included the ostrich. Everyone knows it's the ostrich.

Deep breaths. It's quizzing time.

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