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05th Sep 2018

Quiet town wakes up to find Tour of Britain bike has been turned into huge penis


Does drawing a penis on something ever get old?

Some things never get old, The Simpsons, the music of The Clash, saying “here he comes” when your mate’s walking towards you – but none of those thing, and I mean none of those things, compare to drawing a penis on something. From primary school, to secondary, through university and into gainful employment, let’s face it, it remains the height of wit.

So with that said, let me introduce the latest – and possibly greatest – work in the “schoolboy penis” genre, a Tour of Britain bike turned into a huge dick.

Locals in the sleepy town of Ilfracombe, Devon woke up to find it on the side of Capstone Hill on Tuesday morning.

The bike is made out of cardboard and reclaimed plastic and was commissioned by a local environmental group. The perpetrator is as yet unknown.

Project co-ordinator Seth Conway told the BBC: “Ilfracombe had a rude awakening this morning.

“Some people obviously thought it would be fun to rearrange the spokes and the wheels.”

He added: “It’s created quite a bit of a buzz and it’s shone a bit more attention on to what the bike was there for.”