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27th Nov 2018

The Queen has a bizarre way of referring to Meghan Markle’s pregnancy

Guess what the Queen prefers to the word 'pregnant'...

Denise Curtin

One is not simply ‘preggers’.

If you’re assuming that you’ll catch HRH referring to Meghan Markle, or anyone else for that matter, as being ‘pregnant’, well, think on.

In an article unearthed by US Weekly, it transpires that the Queen happens to find the word ‘pregnant’ to be a tad ‘vulgar’ – and she’s not too keen on various popular euphemisms either. So the likes of ‘expecting’, ‘up the duff’ and ‘preggers’ are all off the cards too.

No, instead Her Majesty has a somewhat more arcane phrase which she believes to be far more appropriate. That because dear old Liz much prefers the term ‘in the family way’…which some would suggest is not only confusing but far less efficient.

“Sorry, granny, what did you just call Meghan?”

And it looks like once her grandchildren are born, she has some strict table manners too. No high chairs are allowed at any meal with the 92-year-old monarch present. According to the same article, sprogs have no place at the dinner table until they learn proper table manners, according to Her Majesty.

Lastly, the most bizarre demand by the longest reigning British monarch is that she needs ball-shaped ice cubes in her drinks. Yep, according to a Royal aide, HRH requests ice in a spherical shape because they make less noise. One does not enjoy a tinkle with her tipple, it seems.