You probably won't want to buy an iPhone 8 if the new price rumours are true 4 years ago

You probably won't want to buy an iPhone 8 if the new price rumours are true

Apple have often left users of the iPhone frustrated.

Promises of wholesale changes and improvements to the phone have often been substituted for minor tweaks and marginal gains, although the elimination of the headphone jack was a significant change.


This year, Apple will release a special 10th anniversary version of the popular iPhone, but the expected cost is said to be upwards of $1,000 (£800).

The tech giant is expected to announce the new product in September with it likely being called the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, according to Fast Company.

We know we've been told this before, but the next iPhone looks set for a radical redesign with the eradication of the iconic home button on the screen in favour of an all glass front.

The price is said to be mainly due to the detailed OLED Display that will replace the current screen on the iPhone.

It's rumoured this could spell the end of the fingerprint scanner on the smartphone, as Apple's current technology isn't suitable for a fingerprint scanner capable of working through glass.

Currently, the most expensive version of the iPhone 7 plus will set you back more than £900 in the UK, so there might not be much of a difference if you were going for the top end already. But if you were going for the standard version in the mid-£700s price range, it's a significant leap.


Sales of the iPhone have plateaued in recent years with Samsung and up and comers OnePlus claiming a market share of smartphone sales.

It's thought a radical redesign and improvement will boost sales and also give Apple an excuse to up their prices... although it could just be a ploy to get more people will buy the more affordable iPhone 7.

But that's a very cynical thought.