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23rd Apr 2019

Primark is ‘set to trial’ online shopping for the first time

Wil Jones

Online shopping is “on the horizon” for the chain

Primark is one of the most popular clothing stores on the high street.

Despite their traditional retail success, they have never taken the step into online shopping. But that could be about to change.

Reports suggest that Primark is looking at letting customers get their bargains digitally for the first time, with chief executive Paul Marchant telling bosses that plans were being made to trial online shopping.

He is reported to have said that the service was “on the horizon”.

However, a source said that any move into that arena was a year or so away. It would also appear that it would only be a “click-and-collect” service, as opposed to actual deliveries.

“Even when rolled out, a click-and-collect offering will only drive an incremental benefit for Primark” reports The Journal.

The Irish chain first established itself in the UK in the 1970s, opening stores in Belfast in 1971 and Derby in 1973.

The company is known as Pennys in its homeland but was unable to use it due to the name being registered by US retail giant JC Penny in European – hence the new title.