Pret is giving away 300,000 coffees this week 4 years ago

Pret is giving away 300,000 coffees this week

Free coffee = the key to happiness

As an eatery forever close to our hearts, Pret A Manger know how to make us happy. They really do. Many of us have already received the occasional free coffee from the chain, and it always tends to makes our day.


Now they are taking it up a notch. Pret's baristas all over the country are being armed with a number of free tokens each, which they can now hand out at will to customers, allowing them to grab any free hot drink.

However, the beauty is that the tokens can be given to anyone, and Pret are actively encouraging us not to not keep them for ourselves but to pass them on to brighten up someone's day, or fire them up with some caffeine, depending on the type of person. A loved one, a friend, someone you don't even know, someone out on the street. These are all great possibilities.


Keeping one for yourself, however, is also a good possibility. We won't judge.

Branches all over the country are taking part and you will have until April to redeem any tokens you are given. It seems that is now down to us, the customers, to keep the goodwill alive.

Feel the love. Feel the revolution. Give someone a coffee. Vive la Pret.