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25th Dec 2016

Psycho cat’s reaction to man getting a PlayStation for Christmas has gone viral

We know we shouldn't laugh but we can't help it. Cats are EVIL!

Nooruddean Choudry

Hell hath no fury like a psycho cat scorned.

We’re not entirely sure about the full story here, or what was going to the feline’s murderous little mind to act like it did, but we think it is proof if proof were needed that domestic cats are nothing of the sort – they’re basically semi-tamed predators.

This man was clearly chuffed to bits after getting a PlayStation for Christmas. Admittedly, some may find his high pitch shrieks a little jarring but everyone has got a right to express their festive joy in any way they see fit. His reaction said it all.

It’s lovely when someone gets exactly what they wanted for Crimbo, and very openly shows it. No one would begrudge such an obvious moment of elation of anyone. That’s unless you’re a cat with issues – then you react with vicious anger.

Perhaps it was jealous that someone else got the present it wanted; maybe it’s more of an Xbox kind of kitty. Maybe it just found the man irritating in the extreme. Whatever the reason, such an attack seems excessive and unnecessary.

Behold the furious fur-ball in all it’s clawing glory. Poor bloke. We’d highly recommend a dog instead…