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04th Jun 2022

Platinum Jubilee: Brits to sink 712 million pints over weekend

Kieran Galpin


Brits love a good sesh

Brits are set to sink 712 million pints across the UK in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

According to research from, the Jubilee weekend is set to be an expensive one, with Brits splashing £2.9bn in total.

While support for the Monarchy is seemingly wavering, with far more anti-jubilee parties popping up than before, data suggests that 21 per cent of the British public will be attending parties.

But still, Brits love a good sesh.

A good party means a new outfit, which could be why £3.7bn is expected to be spent in retail stores from June 2 to June 5. Then, of course, there’s the bunting, the very decorations that sparked controversy and talk of fascism last week.

Brits are expected to spend £0.61bn on Jubilee memorabilia and just about anything with a Union Jack on.

On top of that, £2.25bn is predicted to be spent on food and drink alone, equating to 187 million bottles of Pimm’s.

Jubilee celebrations are in full swing now, and whether you like the Monarchy or not, the drama of it all is something to behold.

The humdrum of festivities had seemingly confused some government officials, with culture secretary Nadine Dorries claiming that people cheered for Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he entered St Paul’s Cathedral.

“There were far, far more cheers, but that doesn’t make a good headline does it,” she wrote on Twitter. “Queen’s thanksgiving service: Boos and jeers for Boris Johnson outside St Paul’s.”

In response, Labour’s Angela Rayner wrote: “Your regular reminder that Nadine Dorries is Boris Johnson’s Minister for Disinformation.

“They’re taking you for fools.”

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