First time plane passenger thinks cabin door is toilet, causes 'pandemonium' 2 years ago

First time plane passenger thinks cabin door is toilet, causes 'pandemonium'

This could have been a very costly error indeed

We've all messed up in our lives. All of us, at least once, more likely several times, have had a slight blip in our mental processes and have completely - how do you say - 'fucked it'.


The truth is, none of us has ever been as close to 'fucking it' as much as this guy, who on his FIRST EVER aeroplane flight, almost killed every passenger on board by ripping off the cabin door because he desperately needed a shit. Honestly. There is 'fucking it' and there is whatever that is. The ultimate 'fucking it'. 'Fucking it' so bad, so ridiculously bad, that you almost bring down a Boeing from the actual sky.

The incident occurred on a GoAir flight from Delhi to Patna whilst the aircraft was in midair. The passenger, reportedly a banker in his 20s, managed to unlock the exit door of the plane. Fortunately, he couldn't push it open, despite his efforts, due to the pressure in the cabin.

Other passengers were forced to intervene, raising the alarm to the flight attendants, and the man was (quite rightly) forced to remain seated for the rest of the journey - almost two hours.

Without going to potty, obviously. Whether he did in fact piss and/or shit himself has yet to be confirmed by the Indian authorities.

Upon landing the passenger was handed over to airport security for further investigation.

Sanowar Khan, the officer in charge of the local police in Patna, told Telegraph India there was “pandemonium”.


He said the passenger stated "he needed to use the washroom urgently and kept tugging at the exit door".

He added: "Pandemonium prevailed amid all this and he was restrained and finally handed over to us. He said that the confusion happened because he had boarded a flight for the first time in his life.”

Hey Sanowar, don't you mean... Plane...demonium!?





No, I don't think is funny. People could have died. All because someone needed a shit really badly. It could have been really, really tragic. It's definitely not funny. Stop laughing. This is serious news. Goodbye.