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25th Jan 2017

Pilot of 27 years explains the most frustrating thing passengers do

You can see why too.

Cathy Donohue

Steve Landells has worked as a pilot for 27 years and during that time, he’s experienced some very tense moments.

The 50-year-old now works as a flight safety specialist for the British Airline Pilots Association and spoke to The Independent recently about some of the things he’s learned during his career.

Landells revealed that he has one major bugbear with passengers (and it’s for their own safety so you can understand why it would prove annoying).

He can’t abide when people go to take their luggage when they have been told to hastily evacuate the aircraft.

In conversation with the publication, he said:

“It’s really dangerous to get luggage out of bins during evacuation.

“If you have a problem on take-off and the pilots have made a decision to evacuate, that’s because if you don’t there’s a strong possibility people will not survive.”

Landells went on to say that it “really upsets” him to see people doing this because it effectively says the bags are more important than the lives of other passengers.

The experienced aircraft specialist also spoke about how two of the biggest issues facing pilots are fuel management and weather conditions.

You can see the piece in full here.

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