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Piers Morgan reduces 28-year-old mother to tears during Good Morning Britain argument
"You’re not a responsible parent are you?"

A woman was left in tears after an argument with host Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday.

Sarah Louise Bryan has made headlines recently after she invoiced another parent £325 when her daughter came home from a play date with pen on her shoe.

Invited on to GMB to discuss this, the 28-year-old was soon involved in an emotionally charged argument with Morgan.

"You’re not a responsible parent are you?" Morgan asked. "I do know what kind of parent you are, you’re the worst…"

After Sarah Louise took exception to this comment, Morgan added:

"There will not be a mother or father watching this interview who is not looking at you thinking 'what on earth are you doing buying a three-year-old girl 60 pairs of shoes?' Some of them worth £325.


"They will also be thinking - I can guarantee it, to a man and woman - sending a bill to a friend who has just had them round for a play date... Do you understand how preposterous this makes you look?"

As the debate escalates, Sarah Louise begins to cry as Morgan's co-host Susanna Reid attempts to calm the situation.

The footage of the interview can be seen in the video below.

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