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25th Jan 2016

Tired of those ‘Be like Bill’ memes on Facebook? Here’s how to hide them from your timeline

Conor Heneghan

There’s no doubt the ‘Be like Bill’ memes have taken over Facebook in a big way in the last couple of weeks.

But these days it doesn’t take long for a fad to get old and there’s already been a Bill backlash of sorts.

If you’re one of the growing band of people sick to the teeth of the memes, there is an easy way to ensure that they won’t keep clogging up your timeline.


You may have found this out for yourself already, but thanks to a comment from JOE reader Eamonn O’Connor on Facebook, we’ve just discovered how easy it is.

When one of the ‘Be like Bill’ posts appears on your timeline, simply click on the downwards-pointing arrow on the top right-hand side.


You will then have the option to simply hide the post, unfollow the friend who posted it (entirely up to you) and hide all from the Blobla App, which so many people have been using to create the memes in the first place.


Do that and Bill is out of your life. It really is that simple. You can thank us later.