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12th Jan 2017

This guy has a genius method of always getting a reply on Tinder


Alan Loughnane

Very, very clever…

You’ve done the easiest part, the other person has decided that they don’t hate the look of your face and given you a cheeky right swipe and the match has been confirmed.

Your phone buzzes in your pocket and that feeling of elation and triumph burns in your chest as you consider the possibility that a member of the opposite sex finds you attractive (and she totally didn’t accidentally press the wrong button or anything like that).

Now comes the difficult part, crafting that line which is the perfect combination of funny/sexy/cute/flirtatious/charming/witty/non-threatening, we could go on and on…

But this content writer, brought to our attention by Elite Daily, may have cracked the code on crafting the ideal message, and it’s actually very clever.

Joe Bagel, a 25-year-old Canadian man has been crafting name poems, also known as acrostics, for his lovely matches and it’s been working out pretty well for him so far.

Basically, you just take each letter of the person’s name and add a word after it.

It’s been working for him…

Will you be trying this?

Here’s the man in question… genius.

Now you can give it a go – but be quick: everyone will be doing it once they’ve read this…