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19th Dec 2016

Oh hell no! Aussie woman finds venomous snake hiding in Christmas tree

She knew something was up when the tinsel started moving

Alan Loughnane

Because, Australia…

The most stressful part of a Christmas tree in Ireland is putting the bloody thing up and all the inevitable arguments between family members about the correct way to untangle the lights you flung into the box last year.

But down under, things are a little bit more on the deadly side.

Cheryl from Melbourne, Australia got a slithery surprise when she noticed that something about her Christmas tree was off… the tinsel appeared to be moving.

On further inspection, she discovered that what she had originally assumed to be a decoration on the tree, was in fact a highly venomous tiger snake.


She called Snake Catcher Victoria Australia who quickly removed the one metre long snake.


The snake was released back into the wild and is a protected species in most Australian snakes.