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14th Nov 2015

Irish girl arrives home from Paris to find a random act of kindness at Dublin Airport (Pics)

The little things mean so much...

Alan Loughnane

After a very tough night, she said this brightened up her day…

Laura Hughes jetted off to Paris on Friday morning for a weekend away with friends, but after the horrible events that unfolded on Friday night, she understandably decided to fly home early.

The group managed to get a flight home early on Saturday morning after spending a night in fear in the French capital.

Laura arrived at the airport and went back to her car at around 4 o’clock on Saturday and when she went to pay for her parking at the machine, she found this attached to it…



Laura and her friends were delighted with this random act of kindness after having a sleepless and terrifying night.

“It reminded us why we love our country and are happy to be home safe and sound,” Laura said.

Who did this good deed? Well the credit goes to blogger Susan Jordan with the Instagram account ItsCherrySue, as she posted about her random act of good will earlier today…