People have started flocking to the Church of Bacon 6 years ago

People have started flocking to the Church of Bacon

We're sure there are worse things to worship than bacon, and it seems plenty of others share our outlook.

The United Church of Bacon, whose commandments include 'Have Fun', 'Be Generous' and 'Praise Bacon', is bringing goodwill and breakfast to an ever-increasing number of people.


Membership is thought to have trebled to nearly 12,000 following the promise of free baptisms, weddings and funeral, and the self-proclaimed "real, legal church" has overtaken some higher-profile bodies in that most important of rankings systems - Google search results.


According to the church's website, members include British comedian Justin Lee Collins - also known as 'Brother Good Times'.

The religion's 'officiants' are able to officiate weddings, and they have even offered up the former Las Vegas residence of magician Penn Jillette as an "out of this world" venue.

There is one thing we are interested in finding out - instead of the Last Supper, does the United Church of Bacon believe in the Last Breakfast?