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09th Dec 2016

People are loving this kid who expertly reviews London chicken shops

His name is Chicken Connoisseur, and this is The Pengest Munch.

Rich Cooper

The internet is buzzing – gassed, you might even say – over this kid who reviews London’s fried chicken establishments.

His name is Chicken Connoisseur, and he presents The Pengest Munch, a YouTube series that has suddenly blown up in popularity overnight. The latest edition, Episode 6: Chick King (Tottenham), has passed 50,000 views after being shared across Reddit and Twitter.

The Pengest Munch sees the Chicken Connoisseur (a young man whose name we don’t know yet) travel around London, visiting the cities greatest (and not so great) chicken shops. The thing about the Chicken Connoisseur is that despite his tender years, he is a consummate professional, a born presenter.

He is, in a word, a legend.

“Here we are, outside the deadest team in the planet,” he begins episode six, gesturing to the Tottenham Hotspur team shop behind him. “But we’re not here for the team. We’re here for chicken, but before that… crep check.” This guy knows the number one rule of presenting: if your trainers are in a state, you’re in a state.

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Another thing that’s so great about The Pengest Munch is the production values – these are some seriously pro-looking videos. 3D graphics, top-notch editing; whoever’s producing these shows knows what they’re doing. Even the YouTube descriptions of the videos are hilarious, check out this one from episode five:

This visit was tense; bare hype in the shop, but everything was dead as you can see. Chicken Valley? Not the one. I’ve called immigration to disrupt bossman’s business for the sheggry he bestowed upon me. #DontJudgeMe

But above all, the best thing about The Pengest Munch is the Chicken Connoisseur’s critical faculties – he is a fantastic reviewer. The way he analyses the chicken shops in terms of produce, flavour, texture, value for money, service, is sublime. It’s a valuable public service.

So we thank you, Chicken Connoisseur. In a horror show of a year, you might just be the best thing to happen in 2016.

JOE has reached out to the Chicken Connoisseur for comment. We’ll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, check your creps, folks.