Online store ASOS criticised for fetish accessory deemed 'insensitive' and 'vile' 7 months ago

Online store ASOS criticised for fetish accessory deemed 'insensitive' and 'vile'

What were they thinking?

ASOS has come under fire for selling a choker than resembles a belt around a person's neck. The choker is labeled, 'hanger latex flame choker' and comes in red and black.

Selling for £45, it featured a belt buckle as the main feature.


One woman came across it when she was shopping online and posted her outrage on Mumsnet saying:


"I do not get offended easily, at all.

I thought this was hideous, but together with the pose and brand name, isn't it vile and insensitive? I over reacting?"

People are in total agreement with her and gave their opinion on the controversial product:

"No! If it was in a specialist fetish catalogue maybe but ASOS!!!"

"Genuinely shocked that anyone thought that was okay!"

"Completely agree with you OP. My teens shop there and it’s not an image I would want them to see."

"I don't know if offensive is the right word, but I do think it's an awful piece of clothing, suggestive and inappropriate."

The product no longer appears on the main site but screenshots have been circling the internet.