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07th Sep 2016

One in six men find their mother-in-law more attractive than their wife



The word MILF has a whole new meaning.

So apparently the evil mother-in-law dynamic definitely doesn’t apply to all couples.

In the latest study that’s about to creep some married couples out, one in six males have admitted they find their mother-in-laws more attractive than their wife.

*Queue the awkward silence at every future family event*

A study of 1,500 men also found that a quarter of those surveyed claim to have a genuine crush on their partner’s mum, with 31 percent certain their mother-in-law secretly holds a soft spot for them too.

Thankfully, not all the survey results were as creepy, with two-thirds of men saying they’ll be happy if their partner ages as well as her mum (now there’s a statistic you can actually share with friends).

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Women’s fashion brand Peter Hahn, who conducted the survey said:

“It’s easy to pigeonhole older women and sometimes hard for them to feel sexy or appreciated but this study reveals how admired so many mother-in-laws actually are, both for their appearances, style and personality overall.”

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