One fifth of Britons unaware Europe is a continent 3 years ago

One fifth of Britons unaware Europe is a continent

Fucking hell lads

A study has claimed that over one fifth, one in five, over one in five, British people are completely ignorant to the fact that Europe is a continent.


I repeat, over one in five Britons is completely unaware that Europe is a continent.

This is worrying. This seems like a really, really bad sign to be honest with you.

This is Europe, btw

Researchers found that 1 in 5 didn't realise Europe was a continent (what?), and two thirds didn't even know there were seven continental landmasses.

Also: it gets worse!


Three percent (3%!) thought Great Britain was its own continent!

Its own continent!

Its. Own. Continent.

(Another quarter didn't know that the Antarctic was home to the South Pole.)



This is Europe! Again!

The poll was conducted by British Airways and released as a sort of teaser to the A-level and GCSE results of the geography students of Great Britain.

Real figures say it all: despite 63% of believing themselves to be well-travelled, only 33% actually think they could actually pass a geography examination.


Which, judging by the above information, isn't really surprising.

Good work to you all. Keep it up. Let's all slowly evaporate into dust, not knowing what the fuck Europe is, together.