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30th Jul 2017

Non-Brits were asked what they thought about the UK, and it wasn’t all terrible

There was a lot of love for Midsomer Murders, for some reason

Rich Cooper


All great nations have their stereotypes.

The French are rude and smell like garlic; the Americans are loud, fat and obnoxious; the Germans are efficient and don’t have a sense of humour.

And the British? We love tea and queueing, we have bad teeth and even worse food, and if it’s not to do with football or getting pissed, we’re not interested.

But those are the visions of Britain and British people that we’ve been fed over the years: is that what people really think about us?

On Reddit, someone posed the question: Non-British people, what do you think of the UK and it’s people?

The results… well, they were actually pretty good. Turns out most people have nice things to say about us.

We have a great sense of humour (and great panel shows).



Yes, it does rain a lot and yes, we do love tea.


One village in particular has a serious reputation for violence.


We produce top authors.


We’re pretty handy with the ol’ swear words.




We’re accommodating.


We’re a bit of a handful on holiday.


But a good laugh if you get us on the right side of drunk.


No one in Britain actually sounds like Britain on telly.


We’re just bloody good people.